The Residenz

City Palace of the Salzburg Prince Archbishops

The Residenz was already the seat of the bishops back in the Middle Ages.

It acquired the Early Baroque  form we are familiar with today at the end of the 16th century.  The expansive Residenz complex encompasses 180 rooms and three large interior courtyards.  Virtually every ruler had the structure remodeled according to his personal vision, though it was the great builder and prince archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau (1587 - 1612) who left the most lasting impression on the Residenz.

Even today, this magnificent city palace continues to serve as a brilliant venue for receptions in honor of visiting heads of state, royalty and important personalities.  In 1867, Austrian emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, Elisabeth, also hosted French emperor Napoleon III and his wife, Eugénie, during a multiple-day state visit at this former court of the prince archbishops.

Some wings of the palace are now used by Salzburg Paris-Lodron University.  In the north section, we find the so-called Tuscan Wing, home to Salzburg University Law School.

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