Salzburg’s Famous Mountains

Untersberg, Kapuzinerberg, Gaisberg, Nonnberg, Mönchsberg



This mighty mountain in the south of Salzburg is a popular attraction.  Hiking paths await you in summer, while winter greets you with a magical ski run.  The cable car, which runs year-round, carries hikers, sightseers and skiers all the way to the top.  Cozy alpine huts invite you to while away countless relaxing moments.



Salzburg City’s tallest mountain (636 m) was once called the “Imberg”.  This densely forested mountain is an attractive recreation area, both for tourists and locals.  Numerous hiking paths lead over the mountain, used by walkers and runners alike.  Just how natural the Kapuzinerberg has managed to stay, is reflected in the rare birds and squirrels, as well as a small population of chamois (!) that live here.



The Gaisberg (1,286 m) is also one of the local favorites in Salzburg.  It offers visitors breathtaking panoramas.  From the summit, when visibility is good, you can see all the way to Lake Chiemsee and the Dachstein Massif.  You can take a beautiful stroll along the Gaisberg walking loop, while inns along the way also welcome visitors.



Standing on the Nonnberg is the oldest convent in the German-speaking world.  It is run by the Benedictine order.  Its roots go all the way back to St. Rupert, who dedicated the convent to his niece, Erentrudis, in the year 700.  It was only a few years ago that the Romanesque frescoes (ca. 1150) in the late-Gothic basilica and crypt were uncovered. St. John’s Chapel is also worth a visit.



Atop the Mönchsberg, Salzburg’s most famous emblem greets visitors even from far afield: the fortress. At its foot, pathways through the woods invite you to enjoy a walk.  In winter, children gather here to go sledding.


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