Hallein Salt Mine

Bad Dürrnberg Salt Mine

South of Salzburg City, on the Dürrnberg above the picturesque town of Hallein, is one of the world’s oldest historic mines.

 The ancient Celts were already mining “White Gold” here, and this natural resource later helped Salzburg’s prince archbishops to attain their immeasurable wealth.  As unremarkable as salt may appear at first sight, it played a significant role in the history of the entire region. In the Salt Mine, visitors are able to experience salt mining first-hand.  The trip into the mine begins with visitors being issued their “mining clothes”.  Then it’s time to ride the train into the depths of the mountain, before slithering down traditional slides polished as smooth as glass.  Visitors then glide on a raft across a famous subterranean salt lake, enveloped in a blanket of mystical sounds.



3 Übernachtungen im Doppelzimmer "Untersberg" inkl. Frühstücksbuffet

3 x Halbpension "Wander-Menü" aus der Genußregion Salzburg

48 Std. Salzburg Card


Traditioneller Rupertikirtag 20.-24. September 2019

Ob Sie gemütliche Wanderungen in der Natur lieben, etwas durch die Altstadt Salzburgs bummeln, kulturelle Veranstaltungen oder Museen besuchen oder es sich einfach nur "gut gehen lassen" wollen.