The House on the Obersalzberg

The Kehlsteinhaus, outside of Berchtesgaden, was built at the order of Martin Bormann and the National Socialist Party as a present for Adolf Hitler on his 50th birthday.  Since then, this magically situated and masterfully constructed house on the Kehlstein is inextricably associated with the Third Reich.  Nowadays, the Kelhsteinhaus is privately leased and run as a mountain inn. Standing at 1,834 m above sea level, breathtaking vistas reveal themselves before this massive piece of architecture.

The house, along with the unique Kehlsteinstrasse road, were built in the shortest of time, despite wartime austerity.  The huge climb (700 vertical meters) taken by the road between the Obersalzberg and Kehlstein car park consists of one long, extended curve.   Today, this road is closed to private traffic, though there is a public bus. The State of Bavaria has made the Kehlsteinhaus a foundation.  All proceeds are used for non-profit purposes.

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